Tinkle Memory-Joggers

Keep forgetting to order nappies until the last minute? Sick of ordering in a panic? Free up your brain space and sign up to receive Tinkle re-order reminder emails! Just choose whether you want to be reminded at 2, 4 or 8 week intervals, and then get on with life.

When the reminder email comes through, just click on the link to be taken straight to checkout. You can add wipes or other items to your cart if you like, or proceed straight to payment if you don’t need anything else.

Your order will then be sent out asap, with barely any effort on your part!

And if you don’t want to order when the reminder comes through, that’s fine – just keep the email until you’re ready, or delete it and wait for the next one. No money will be taken from your account and no products will be sent out until you’re ready.


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