What are adult incontinence products?

The most well-known kind of adult incontinence is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence refers to losing control of the bladder. It is frequently considered a humiliating problem. The seriousness can be from leaking urine when you sneeze or cough. Or when you have an urge to pee that is so abrupt and intense that you cannot hold it. Although it happens frequently to people¬†who grow older, urinary incontinence or bladder control problems is not something that can be avoided–as a result of aging. If urinary incontinence impacts your day to day activities, do not think twice to see a doctor. For many people, simple changes in lifestyle or hospital treatment can relieve vexation or end urinary incontinence

What are the symptoms?

Age-related incontinence is continuous and gets worse gradually over time. Unanticipated incontinence with significant leakage may suggest something different is going on. Some kind of infection at times triggers incontinence. Or, in case you have some other medical issues as well, this can imply a more substantial neurological problem is occurring. Let your doctor examine these signs sooner, rather than later

Adult Urinary Incontinence Products

There are numerous products to assist you to take care of urinary incontinence. You can determine which product to decide on based on factors such as how much urine you lose; comfort; budget; durability; how easy it is put on; how good it manages odour; and how many times you lose urine during the day and night

  • Pads and inserts

To deal with urine leaks, you might have attempted using sanitary pads. But, these items aren’t meant to take in the urine. Hence they do not work perfectly for that function. Compared to sanitary pads, pads designed for urine leaks are able to absorb much more fluid. Additionally, they have waterproof supporting. These particular pads are intended to be worn inside the underwear.

  • Adult underwear and diapers

You may require to get adult diapers when you start to leak so much urine

  • You can purchase either reusable or disposable adult nappy.
  • Disposable diapers should accommodate comfortably.
  • They normally can be bought in various sizes (S, M, L, and XL)
  • Several diapers come with stretchy leg stitches for a far better fit and to avoid leaks.

Reusable underpants may be more cost-saving

  • Several kinds of underwear come with a water-resistant crotch. They maintain a reusable absorbent material lining in place.
  • Some are similar to regular underwear but soak up just like disposable nappy. They can be bought in different sizes to deal with various amounts of leaks.
  • Some other items consist of cleanable, adult fabric diapers or fabric diapers with a plastic cover.
  • Many people put on water-resistant pants over their undies for additional protection.
  • Bed and chair protection

You can use to protect bed sheets and chairs by using underpads since they are flat absorbent pads. These particular underpads are manufactured from materials that have good absorbent quality as well as a waterproof backing. They are able to be disposed of or reused. Furthermore, several new products can extract dampness away from the pad’s surface, which functions to protect skin breakdown. Underpads can be found in medical supply businesses and some larger department stores

Where to purchase adult urinary incontinence products?

You can find most products at local drugstores, supermarkets, or medical supply stores. Or you can get it as easy as one two three by getting them online via Wholesale Nappies. We sell a wide range of products available from pads to diapers and pull-ups, cleaning creams, dry wipes etc. Browse our adult incontinence products here