Nannys Flexicare MINI 2-5kgs

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Nannys Flexicare Nappies are premium quality European made nappies. Nannys Flexicare Nappies is a trusted brand for over 15 years in New Zealand.

RRP: $16.65 per pack (44)

SALE Price: $31.50 for 220 nappies!

Fantastic features include :

  • Super soft absorbent core for ultimate dryness
  • Breathable side panels
  • Stretchable Velcro fastening tabs
  • Extremely soft cloth-like cover
  • Triple protection no leak leg cuffs
  • Gentle waistband
  • Fantastic packaging – with easy to carry handle

$16.65$63.25 Inc. GST



Deal Packs Nappies Price Per Nappy Price
Trial Pack 1 44 37.8c $16.65
 Case 5 220 28.5c $63.25

RRP: $16.65 per pack (44)


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