Everybody knows that babies are small. However, what we are not aware is that how they can have an enormous influence on our environment. Averagely, a baby is going to need to use approximately three thousand disposable nappies prior to he or she knowing how to go to the toilet on their own. Every day, the rough estimation for nappies being used is over five hundred thousand nappies. The majority of them are thrown out as household garbage. Roughly estimated, at least four percent of household waste are taken up with nappies. There are two primary models of nappy on the market: disposables and cloth washable nappies. Cloth nappies happen to be more affordable, more gentle on a baby’s skin and will not lead to waste problems. In addition, they have more labour intensity and so much less popularity than disposable nappies.


Standard disposable nappies comprise of combined materials of paper pulp, plastics, absorbent gel granules and chemical additives, which make them a complex sort of waste to be dealing with. Several parts are projected to decompose up to 500 years to come. For babies, there are several environmental impacts of wearing disposable nappies. Disposable nappies help to promote the application of alternate washable, compostable, and eco-friendly nappy choice to parents, health professionals and women’s organisations. But if you opt to go for cloth nappies, you will require around two dozens of good-quality nappies that are washables. In addition, to keep away the moisture from your baby’s skin, you will need nappy liners. And for certain kinds of nappy, several waterproof covers and pins along with fasteners are required.


For those concerned about the environment but need the convenience of disposable nappies, Nannys Flexicare can be a great option. You can take the best possible care of your baby while simultaneously take care of the environment when using nappies  that have 75% of compostability and biodegradable ability.  Equivalent to finest brands in the market, which means the quality is guaranteed. These nappies are produced under the worldwide renowned ISO 9002 standard.  This process makes sure every batch of nappies are the exact same high quality quality each time. This means you are guaranteed of a reliably high quality nappy. Nannys Flexicare has other loads of fantastic features including:


  • Super soft absorbent core for ultimate dryness–which quickly pulls wetness away from baby’s skin to reduce skin irritation.
  • Breathable side panels
  • Fastening tabs made of velcro that are able to stretch
  • The convenient hook & loop fastening allows unlimited openings and superior no-leak cuffs provide extra protection against mishaps.
  • Remarkably smooth cloth-like protection (Double / Triple protection –so there will not be leak leg cuffs)
  • Soft girdle
  • Fresh new visual appeal particularly footprints
  • Terrific brand new packaging, comes with a handle that is easy to carry
  • Top quality day/night disposable nappies for all children


In this digital era, you no longer have to go to the supermarket  to buy diapers. You can simply buy diapers online–why load up a supermarket shopping trolley and pay more when your diapers can be delivered to your door for less, right?


Make fully sure you get your Nanny’s Flexicare nappies from a 100% New Zealand family-owned nappy business you can trust such as The Wholesale Nappy Company that takes great pride in the quality of their nappy brands as well as supplies top quality yet affordable nappies to parents shopping online in New Zealand.  Always look for nappy products that are managed under ISO 9001 since it equals to premium quality. View our range of eco friendly nappies online.